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Thursday, 16 February 2012

'Goodies ahoy!'

The development of new products goes on … this Tele bridge unit for example … easily distinguished as a prototype by the over-the-top looking colour coded wiring … is a bit special. It is the first Oil City ‘Diesel-Tap’ pickup. At its heart is a ‘Hardman’ style, hot 9k wind … but with the coil tapped at 6k too. Married up to a push pull pot this gives the option of a moderate vintage output; twangy, and crystal clear with great note separation … or a blistering rock powerhouse … hotter than many humbuckers, yet still with that Tele cut and attack.

Next we have our first humbucker … seen here in mock up assembly stage … coils yet unwound … no slugs or pole screws … just test fitted to check screw lengths, the handmade mahogany bobbin shims, and the lovely , shiny bobbins … all the way from San Dimas California. Just waiting for a delivery of some special, thinner-than-normal wire to pack those bobbins to the max!

I was determined we wouldn't jump the gun with producing a 'bucker' until we had something with very much our own flavour to offer. Firstly I was determined we would use only top quality components and put them together without any compromise. Secondly, I wanted something that was individually voiced and not a 'me-too' copy of someone else's product. It will be scatter wound hot, but with aesometric coils for maximum range and 'openness.' I'm shooting for all those screaming blues-rock tones I can still hear in my mind from the glory days of Jeff Healey.

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