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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Long time no post!

First my apologies for taking forever to come up with a new blog post ... but so much has been happening that trying to find time to write any of it down has been problematic!

Oil City is going from strength to strength, with close to 1000 pickups made and sold to date and a constantly full order book. Oil City is selling well at home, throughout Europe ... and even further afield!

At the beginning of this year I was approached by Feline guitars in Croydon with a view to producing pickups both for their beautiful custom instruments, and also for retail, and since then I have been developing a whole new range of pickups that will be distributed by my authorized dealers Feline.
Pretty much all my Oil City Range was, and is based on benchmark designs I know well. Jonathan at Feline brought his encyclopedic knowledge of humbuckers to the party ...and the result was an extensive range spanning pretty much the whole history of rock music ... from classic PAF designs to metal shred beasts!

I researched, and tested materials ... wire grades and coatings, baseplate materials, magnet types and configurations ... becoming a bit of a workshop hermit in the process.Now the first deliveries of these pickups are on the shelves at Feline and things are all very exciting.

My Oil City range will still be the same ... and indeed will expand ... as I now have help in the form of Katie my workshop assistant to share some of the load. We are gearing up for the Christmas rush even now ...

Oh yes and the name on these new pickups? My own: Ash Scott-Lockyer