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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I’ve been so busy recently I’ve hardly had a chance of keeping the blog up to date. Custom jobs and new products … as well as keeping all of you supplied with old favourites like Triple Blues Strat sets and HardMan Tele pickups. Well, I will have been going full steam ahead for very nearly a year now and I’m a little shocked by the way the business has come on. There are literally hundreds of guitarists using Oil City pickups all over the country … and abroad too!  I have had to build ‘Gloria’ my ‘mark three’ winding machine to cope with the demand … I will post pictures as soon  as I have time to tidy her up. She had to be pressed into service even before she was properly finished!
I’ve just got the new ‘CowTron’ pickup added to the list of production pickups … 

and a new high output Strat set known as StoneTones … and now there is barely a day goes by without the familiar sight of me doing the ‘post run’ at the local corner Post Office. A carrier bag packed with padded envelopes bearing our familiar ‘industrial sunset’ logo. Yes it’s all very East End!
The only down side is that I have had no time to gig, see live music … or indeed to see much of the outside world!