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Friday, 17 February 2012

Prototypes coming thick and fast!

I put the finishing touches to our as yet unnamed vintage style humbucker. I shy away from calling it a PAF because there are so many flavours and outputs of the real thing (some of which don't sound particularly good) that to draw much comparison is pointless. It's PAF style in that it has an impedence of just over 8k, was wound with 42awg wire and has an Alnico 5 magnet.

Should have our humbucker test guitar soon: I spotted what turned out to be a Christian Olde Wolbers signature model Jackson on e-bay, with a damaged headstock, no pickup, electrics or bridge or machines ... just a hulk. I took a punt and got it silly cheap considering what they cost new. Will do a photo article about getting the beast back playing as soon as it gets here. Mahogany neck unusually for a shredding instrument ... and this probably explains why it's taken a nasty break across the head. Mahogany necks are notorious for being brittle when shaved down to less than baseball bat proportions ... I have had so many old SGs, Juniors etc come through my hands for neck or headstock surgery. You lean them against an amp for a moment ... next thing, it's crash and the head is off and lying on the floor in a tangle of strings.
Still it's fixable, and has allowed me to get a far better guitar to act as host to new products than I'd expected. It has an ebony fingerboard with absolutely no position markers ... so that'll make me work for my supper.

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