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Friday, 10 February 2012

Danno/Tele hybrid and P Bass pickups

The Danelectro Telecaster hybrid that has been taking up a fair bit of my time is waiting for its lacquer to cure before final clear nitro coats over the Daphne blue. For the uninitiated, like a Danno it has a pine frame and a Masonite top and back ... essentially being a semi acoustic without f holes. Ignore the front pickup 'rout' ... the intention was always for this to be a single pickup show-piece for my 'Hard Man' pickups.

Today I put the finishing touches to our first bass pickup prototype ... a split Precision humbucker:
A nice vintage 10.5k, it's round and growly with plenty of pop. I put it in the cheap Westfield P bass copy that hangs around and visits the odd jam with me (I'm not really a bass player, but I give it an enthusiastic shot). The pickup it replaced was a horrible ceramic magnet effort: much too thin and clangy ... you had to roll all the top off to get a nice chug, but then it turned muddy and muffled. Now the tone control works properly and it really doesn't sound like I paid seventy quid for it!

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