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Thursday, 9 April 2009

SG finished

Above you can see the SG strung and next to my 'number one wife' Strat. Okay I still need to do a little more action adjustment when it has gotten used to being a guitar again....but initial playing brought forth the expletive '----king hell'...... the difference between it's sound before being smashed to smithereens and after rebuilding is dramatic with the sustain is surprisingly much improved. The sound is typically SG: sweet and round until you drive the amp hard when it becomes a tight, raw, aggressive bark. I have difficulty in believing that this is a £200 quid copy that has been well trashed in the recent past...I have heard real Gibbo SGs (usually seventies/eighties ones) that sound much worse than this.

I think stripping off the straitjacket of the Poly finish and giving it a Nitro one like a real vintage SG has helped the instrument breathe. This coupled with the added neck mass of 2.9mm frets, a real bone nut and a damn good setup as raised this old girl's game. The pickups remain the alnico magnet Wilkinson originals...and damn fiddlingly good they sound too!

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