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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Eco worryer!

Do I want to see nice shiny rows of new guitars in the shops........or see rain forests survive? Tough call....but on balance I would like to have a world left for my (prospective as yet) grandchildren to enjoy. Mahogany rosewood and ebony are now all very rare and expensive, and perhaps we could start to take a cue from guitar builders in the fifties and come up with some oddball but more sustainable instruments. Danelectro and Sears/Silvertone built iconic instruments from stapled together softwood (reclaimable), Masonite (thats hardboard to you youngsters) and pickups made of lipstick tubes and coil wrapped bar magnets! OK so the necks were halfway decent wood....maple to be exact.....but for a hardwood, maple is plentiful and fast growing. As for fingerboards......Brian May's 'Red Special' has a fret board made of black painted oak, finnished with a thick layer of Rustins Plastic Coating....that has held up through thirty
years of gigging without even a refret! Solutions are there.....lets go innovate!

A 57 'Danno' and throbbing vibrato....
what more could a red blooded male want!

So unveiled here is my design for a relatively cheap instrument built with a chambered semi acoustic ply body a maple neck.
This may be my next project.......Oh yes the design is copyright 'Cocksoldier Guitars 2009'

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