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Monday, 6 April 2009

Twins of evil!

The work on the SG copy is nearing completion, as is my usual quirky way of doing things I have 'flatted off' the last clear coat of lacquer before fitting the hardware and allowing the finish to harden for a month before polishing and relicing it (if relicing is not a word I'm officially making it one!) I won't be going for trashed finish as I have done on some Fender relics I have built....just the well played sweat and bar-room look.

The guitar formally known as the 'green mess' my scratch built roughly Les Paul Junior inspired baby is also now advancing after her decade of being in the bedroom cupboard. The experimental green polyester gloopy-crap finish was stripped....except for the the bits that got into the grain. The headstock has been sprayed black and a home brewed 'Junior 79' transfer applied. The 79 bit refers to the fact that this year it is the thirtieth anniversary of me building and selling my first custom guitar.....it was a bass anyway , but that by the by......

I have decided to put the Artec active onboard preamp/distortion in the Junior.......see this demo

I like the idea of a guitar I can take to a jam night......and when the house band guitarist tries to make himself sound streets better than everyone else by removing all the decent overdrive on his amp for any one else using it (that's a common trick around here)......I will have a little secret onboard weapon! For seventeen quid from Axesrus how can you go wrong?

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