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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I’m off tomorrow night to see ACDC at the O2 Arena…….A happy accident as I was invited by one of my guitar students to go with him.

I have always had a great respect for ACDC, they have served up solid unpretentious, chauvinistic, testosterone fuelled hard rock since Adam’s dog was a foetus……and the quality of the product never wavers.

Angus Young, apart from in interview coming over like Sir Les Patterson’s bastard lovechild, is a stunningly expressive blues rock soloist; idolised by fans of the band but never really given the credit he deserves by the ‘serious’ music press……however the genius of the band in my opinion is his brother Malcolm. Always a bit in the shadows Malcolm Young is the ‘boogie engine’ of rhythm guitar playing……like Mick green of the Pirates, Wilko of Dr Feelgood or Pete Townsend, he builds a solid and instantly recognisable framework for the band’s swaggering ‘in your face’ style……plus he has the balls to play a Gretch!

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