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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Building a Strat™ pickup set part 4

Our pickups are now off to have a wax job ...I still pot pickups individually, keeping a close watch on temperature and time. Fender™ style pickups get a single long dip in 20% beeswax 80% paraffin wax blend.
Then out on to kitchen paper to cool. Some makers leave things at that, original fifties pickups simply had bare coils under the plastic covers, but these are modern times, and people like to swap covers etc so I build my pickups to withstand handling that would kill more delicate vintage pickups. They get a black overcoat of cloth tape to protect all my work!
Finally the covers are refitted and the pickups are meter-checked again, followed by getting their Oil City labels attached and signed!
 Normally to go with the relic poles I would have attached relic covers, but in this case the customer is happy to stain the plain white ones to his specifications.
Well there you go ... the saga of three Oil City Thames Delta 'HSM' Special pickups ... they'll be with you soon mate!




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