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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ooooo Arrrrrrr!

Here comes a plug for one of my customers and his band: the customer being ‘Dirty Dick’ and the band being the Punk Pirates. Punk is pretty close to my heart as that’s really what I started by playing … and I always seem to come back to.
Here’s the guys site http://punkpirates.webs.com/
‘Dick’ has one of my Oil City Thames Delta Bridge pickups in his trusty Telecaster … here’s what he has to say about it.
If I had to sum it up in 2 words I would say 'growly mids'. It's that resonant Tele sound you can hear/feel through the neck. The TD definitely retains and communicates that character into the amp, and there is definitely more bite than my original SCN. Feedback is very predictable and controllable (almost too nice...maybe?!). Also this is a very quiet pickup even at full volume and gain up (...and my Orange has a LOT of gain) There is no noticeable ambient noise difference between the SCN and the TD. I have tried several other hand wound Tele bridge pups (in friends/punters guitars) and although it's difficult to compare directly without having a warehouse full of axe's, I cannot remember anything that sounded better than this.
On the technical side, I've found the best setup position with it pretty low (backed away from the strings). Normally I've found hand wound single coil pups like to be a bit nearer the strings otherwise you can get a weird (nasty) type of feedback (particularly with wah). No such problem here. This is great for me as I am not interested in output, rather clarity and character which this helps to retain. Secondly, the SCN neck pup measures up at approx 12Kohm (impedance), and the original Bridge SCN was around 13Kohm. The TD measures up at around 7.4Kohm and yet there is no drop in volume switching between the two or even a balance issue in the mid position. I was expecting this to be an issue, but not a bit of it. I realise impedance is only a guide to output based on the number of turns of wire etc..but it confuses me a little (am I being thick here?!). Anyway, again, it works for me.
I can only sum up by saying it's staying in, and I am VERY picky about my gear....oh yeh, and THANKS
....oh yeh, and when are the P90's due out (bridge/soap-bar/cream please)

All I can say is tanks to you too Dirty Dick … we thrive on customer feedback and it’s nice to have such a cool review. When I’m passing my old haunts in and around Portsmouth (those who have read this blog from the beginning will know I’m an Isle of Wight boy originally) I will be sure to look in on one of your gigs.

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