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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fixing the Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers signature guitar. Part 2

Well the Jackson has been christened 'Old Wobbler' as I can't be bothered with her real model designation ... and it gives a nod to how trashed the head was when she came into the workshop. .

Titebond was syringed into any cracks ... held open with convenient screwdrivers ...

Then I did a juggling act, holding all the fractured bits together, while wrapping the whole shooting match in cling film so that it wouldn't stick to the jig.

Time passed by ....
..... so slowly

Can't beat a cuppa!

Clamps off ... and ... well it admittedly doesn't look any prettier than before ... but it is now solid and in one piece! Next job? Well, I'm waiting to hear back from a guy who makes water-slide transfers as the Jackson logo has taken a hell of a beating and really needs replaced. Some joker in the States quoted me fifteen bucks for the 'decal' and twenty five bucks delivery! Thanks, but no thanks Bub! Will probably use black epoxy filler to loose the cracks in the thick poly finish ... and depending how the repair feels after 24 hours I may let in some cross-repair mahogany 'biscuits' to toughen the joint up.

Then it will be hardware time ... all black and nothing fancy ... followed by putting one of our prototype humbuckers where the EMG 81 would have sat.

1 comment:

Mike de Kruijff said...

I had the same problem with my COW !
Fixed the broken headstock with Titebond II, spray painted it black again and trying to find a Jackson Logo.
If you know a decent supplier for the Jackson logo ( waterslide or vinyl ) ... please let me know !