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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The first proper prototype...

Pickup: serial no RDTD001 ... the first prototype Eastend Customs 'Themes Delta' pickup gets 9000 turns of 42awg wire and clocks up a healthy 7.51k on my multi-meter. This beastie caused me a few winding headaches: though the magnets were new the top and bottom flatwork was reclaimed and the residue wax left on the Forbon caused the pressure of winding to pop off the top flatwork (when about 8000 turns was reached on the first two attempts ... sickening, frustrating and wasteful of wire). A strip down and running some water-thin super glue into the gaps between the magnet slugs and the flatwork cured the problem ... along with narrowing my winding guides.Now she awaits a nickel plated steel base-plate from Allparts, a wrap in cotton string to protect the windings ... and a nice wax hot tub!

My Themes Delta pickups are made pretty well exactly the way early Fender pickups were ... my only concession to modernity being the PVC covered hook-up wire.Yes there will be some loony who can claim to hear the difference if waxed cotton 'push back' cable is not used ... these types can probably 'hear' fifties solder too! If people want 'push back' they can have it ... then again it's not me having to wire the damn stuff up in their guitar ... most of the time!

As soon as this pickup is complete I’ll whip it into a handy Tele and upload some demo noodling through the valve LC30 Laney.

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