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Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Weasel's myth buster

An occasional series with my take on the common beliefs and voodoo that surround the guitar world.

Myth: they used to build guitars better in the old days ... Arggggggggggh have you ever played a nasty seventies Les Paul copy? Never mind that some twat says that because it’s ‘law suit’ you have to pay a couple of hundred notes for it. It was a turd when it was squeezed out of the factory ... it’s still a turd thirty years later ... okay perhaps an old, rare turd ... ill give it that. Today you can buy a guitar new for a couple of hundred quid that will destroy a Kay or Columbus or even an exalted Ibanez. Yet I see so often, Avons, Jedsons, CMIs Antoria and Ibanez ... going for silly money on e bay. They are okay guitars ... but they don’t really feel or sound like the instruments they copied. If you like old curiosities buy one ... but do everyone a favour and don’t pay daft money. After all, Austin Maestros are rare cars nowadays ... that’s because they were crap and people couldn’t wait to scrap them!

Fender Strats, even old fifties ones are not rare ... that is because in general they were superb instruments and people have ensured they survived. Rosetti Lucky Sevens and Top Twenty guitars were sold in Freemans catalogues and Woolworths all over the country... and yes they are now quite rare. Ever tried to play one?

1 comment:

Johnny Guitar said...

My first electric guitar was a Rosetti Lucky 7 bought by my dear Mum for me in 1962. The action was unique, starting at 1/16' at the nut, coasting through to around 3/4' at the 7th fret but improving to only 1/2" at the 12th fret. The kids of today don't know they are born. I saw one of these beauty's being offered on Ebay for £250. Mine was lost in a fire and so maybe the world is now a better place :-)