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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pick up pick-me-up ...

For some while my business partner in crime Tim and I have been developing our range of Eastend Custom T-cycler custom guitars as well as a range of boutique T-Cycler pickups. The pickup end of this enterprise kicked up another gear today as my mark 2 home brewed coil winder has come online. It’s mostly a drill press with a face plate made from a grinder hub and a turn counter that used to be the tape counter from an old valve tape recorder. It allows me to scatter wind a single coil pickup in an hour or so.

We have a thing about lo-tech ... Leo Fender produced legendary guitars in the early fifties with virtually no tech at all. We love reclaimed wood, re engineered and up-cycled components and low environmental footprint construction.

The first working result of this is the T style bridge pickup below. It meters up at a nice vintage 7.5k

Observations: pickup winding is made more difficult with the ‘help’ of several playful cats trying to catch the wire on its way off the spool!

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