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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lean green and mean

Working on the SG has whetted my appetite......I have had a unfinished scratch built prototype from my old AMP days hanging around in a cupboard for the last twenty years. I had used it as a lacquer test bed at some time or another but the alder body, Honduras Mahogany neck and Rio Rosewood fingerboard are too good to either trash or allow to gather dust. It needs a fret job, the crap finish stripped (oh bum...dust city again) and a new one blown on. I think a black pearloid scratch plate (the one on there is a card mockup), a humbucker sized P90, a single volume control and perhaps an active preamp with three preset gain levels: normal...armageddon...and armageddon out of here! Top off with an old english white finish ...Yeah!

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