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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Don't fret mate...or rather the reverse

Something I did not mention with the SG project was my choice of fret wire. For my own use I equip all my guitars with en-friggin-ormous frets…the widest and highest I can lay my paws on. I play blues rock and R and B and perform vicious string bends and wide fast vibrato….high frets allow me to ‘dig in’ under the string better. If was a jazzer or a regular player of complex ‘suspended pregnant eleventh half demented flattened wassername’ chords I would choose smaller lower wire as it would allow better intonation within a given chord shape and better open string to fretted string intonation…..As my technique has always been just on the creative side of brutal I stick to my ‘railway track’ frets!

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