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Friday, 10 May 2013

New pickup prototype

An often ignored design ... at least outside of rockabilly ... is the DeArmond Dynasonic ... or 2000. Top end clarity and bite, bottom end slap and grind, yet not as 'middle heavy' as a P90.
Here is my first prototype bobbin and plastic top insert (white here ... but production ones may well have a choice of black, parchment, mint or 'tortoise shell'.)
Powerful brutes, the originals of these topped 9k resistance and drove those fifties amps hard. One reason they are not as popular as they might be is the complex and expensive 'valve gear' pole height adjustment mechanism that doubles the height of the pickup and makes it pretty well impractical to fit to anything but a hollow body guitar.
I will be dispensing with the mechanism, and pre-setting any stagger to the poles (fine with modern strings), though keeping the distinctive adjustment screws as simply dummies. I will also be making these with the standard humbucker and soap-bar P90 form factors to enable the widest spread of users to be able to fit them to their guitars.
Bit more jig and tool making to do yet ... but all part of the game

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