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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Improving the beasts: Vintage V100 Les Paul copies: part 2

Right … down to business with rewiring the Vintage V100s!
 Under the hood on ‘Tobacco’ and we can see exactly how nasty and cheap the wiring really is: nothing like a real vintage Les Paul … and not really much like a top spec guitar! The best thing you can say about this setup is that it works … sort of. 
As an aside, you can also clearly see how the cover screws ‘missed’ the  wood and lead to it being loose.

This is a pukka diagram … and it’s nothing like this lol.

Individual pots should be wired like this.

It looks like this in real life!

(I can’t claim that the diagrams or Gibbo ‘59 burst’ pic are mine … just judiciously lifted from the net!)
There are other ways to wire a Les Paul … but this is the most accurate to the late fifties ethos, and to my ears sounds best.
So now for the shopping list for ‘Iced T’ … which will be wired as close to fifties as I can get it while sticking to a strict budget.
I’ll be using full size 500k pots, probably Alpha rather than CTS … and Sprague .22pf ‘Orange Drop’ caps. Wiring up to the selector will be done with proper shielded,  50s style cable.
As I have been mostly working on Strats and Teles of late I was fresh out of 500k pots so those have been ordered from one of my usual supplier axesrus  … and now I sit back and wait!

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