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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A new pickup rolls off the production line.

 The 'Rock Splitter' Strat

Aimed squarely at the rockers this a truly evil Strat pickup. It's twin output, tapped single coil design ... like the Diesel Tap Tele pickup in our range ... allows you the benefit of a clear, articulate and moderately hot 8k bridge position resistance ... then at the flick of a switch a blistering 11.5k is unleashed! Highs are always clear but under control ... mids are boosted in the 11.5k position, with overdrive an easy option.

 I intend to produce a milder 'Blues Splitter' version of this pickup with a 6.5k/9k split as soon as I can ... I think this is the solution to 'wimpy' strat bridge units that lots of people have been waiting for.

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