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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Building a Strat™ pickup set part 2

Okay, episode two in the saga of the manufacture a set of my custom Strat™ pickups.
All eighteen magnets of the set are given tiny bevels to the top edge … Fender used to do this to make it easier to fit the top flatwork to the pickup. I do it simply for the look … and so the otherwise sharp edges of the magnets don’t hack a finger while playing. Many makers bevel magnets to a much greater degree than I do, but early fenders were seldom chamfered quite so extremely so I err on the side of conservatism. A rechargeable keyless chuck drill and a sharpening stone do the job nicely here.
Now the bevelled magnets are united with the lower half of the flatwork and gently tapped into place.
Once all the magnets are in place

A little jig is added that keeps everything straight while the top flatwork is fitted. Yes I make quite a few of my small jigs from scrap mahogany … it’s nice to work with and lasts well.
A bit of gentle tapping, and another little tool fits the top flatwork
All fitted …

…and now to add a little ‘relic work’ to the poles with a dab of my secret ingredient … and trial fit the covers.
Yes that’s an identical set under production in the background … I never just make one of anything, even a custom order! The reason for this is simple, somebody may well say, pretty shortly after an order is delivered ‘I’ll have what he had …’ it saves time and consulting records to just take an identical set out of stock.
Next step will be installing the soldering eyelets and drilling the mounting holes.
Before … gasp … winding!





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