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Saturday, 26 May 2012

'Scuse me Esquire....'

I Just wired up an Esquire project for a customer.  It’s seriously whetted my appetite, and I can’t wait to finish our own EEC ‘Esquire’ now.  The customer has one of our Oil City 'Diesel Tap' tapped 6k/9k bridge pickups, and of course six separate sounds available with the push/pull on the volume for the tap … mind you I’m not personally that keen on the Esquire’s pre-set bass sound.
Hell of a lot of wires in that tiny compartment … compounded by the two outputs from the pickup and the connections into and out of the push pull. Oh, the customer liked the control plate reversed so the wires had to be run back that little bit extra too.  Sounds brilliant though: Vintage and twangy in the 6k position … with a great big mid boost to kick the amp into overdrive when you pull the pot out. The Esquire tone pot ‘bypass’ really allows the 9k output to punt derrière!

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