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Monday, 23 January 2012

Oil City pickups ...

Above: an early prototype ... now we use cloth covered hook up wire!

Just for the record, my pickup range at the moment consists of …

The Oil City ‘Thames Delta’ Telecaster bridge and neck pickups … these are 6.5k neck and 7.5k Bridge … a tiny smidge hotter than vintage, with well-balanced outputs, Alnico 5 magnets, cloth covered hook up wire etc.

The Oil City ‘Hardman’ Telecaster Bridge pickup … a real edgy high output 9k beast … again, with Alnico 5 magnets and cloth covered hook up wire.

The Oil City ‘Triple Blues’ Stratocaster set … a little hotter than standard with a massive Texas blues sound! Flush pole pieces for definition and a natural mid boost … I have them in my own Strat, and they give the closest thing I have found to ‘that’ SRV tone.

I don’t carry a stock of any of these pickups at the moment … as they are ordered, so I wind them … simple as that … though with the work load building I may have to have a little ‘building spree’ shortly!

In the development and in the pipeline soon:

Vintage ‘Stagger’ Strat pickups, a Fender wide range humbucker replacement, a vintage PAF humbucker set … and a P Bass pair. Not as if I’m giving myself plenty of work or anything!

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