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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Research and development goes on with our ‘Custom T-Cycler pickups. Here are three sets of flatwork and Alnico 5 magnets that will turn into the first batch of hot Oil City Specials. The plan is to produce a sharp barking Tele bridge pickup with plenty of overtones ... for that London R and B sound beloved of Mick green and Wilko Johnson. Not so powerful that the razor edge is blunted, but with enough body to really fill out the sound of a three piece band. Nine thousand turns of 42 awg wire (only just bigger diameter than a human hair ... and much easier to break) and a custom steel base plate each ... and these babies will be ready to rock and roll.

Why did we start with Tele pickups ... well, the Telecaster is a bloody good workhorse axe that players love to customise to their own special needs. It’s timeless and classless ... practically every studio has one, everyone knows what one should sound and play like. Yet it is also one of the most versatile instruments out there, and can easily be personalised. A Tele player generally has attitude and means business!

Strat pickups will come soon ... and Humbuckers. I intend to produce P90 style pickups as well as more uncommon types influenced by sixties British brands like Burns and Watkins. Why should all the plaudits just go to US icons?

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