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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

More on the green meanie


Progress has carried on the ‘Junior’ I have been attempting to complete after it’s long rest in one of my cupboards (see March post). Well the horrible green see through poly brushed on to test it years ago has been sanded off…contrary to my initial worries it put up very little resistance. Some green gunk has soaked into the grain of the body but I’m not too worried as white primer is going to cover up all that, especially when followed by a butterscotch cream top coat.

My initial plan to use a wrap over Les Paul junior tailpiece was shot down in flames when after spending out on one (gold plated) I discovered the neck set angle of about two and a half degrees would not allow the action to go low with the ‘Badass’ stile bridge that tops out at 20mm from base to top of saddles. It was back to the drawing board and back to Axesrus who have a brilliant string through body ‘hardtail’ Strat style bridge that looks different enough from a fender item to give the junior a character all of it’s own……I like it so much I may say to everyone that I planned to use it all along!

Up at the head end I have installed a set of lovely gold plated Wilkinson open gear tuners…Wilkinson hardware is so impressive these days.

Next step will be putting the body in primer, cutting a proper scratchplate and ordering a pickup.

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