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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My most embarrassing band: Loodaxe!

Finding a cool name for your band always used to be a problem. I remember drunken evenings after band practice back in the twilight of the seventies when we all dreamt of being the next Deep Purple and ‘breaking it’ big and we needed to find that ‘sweet’ name.

Colours seemed to figure large…..Silver Fox, Black Rose, Blue Pearl…..Barry’s Plastic Moon Hoppers….we thought of them all. The problem was that the singer with the band at the time, Dave the one eyed welder, wanted us called Bloodaxe…..ho hum….I still shudder at that. Mind you, he owned the PA and the van so Bloodaxe we became!

Our first major gig, in fact our first gig, was booked to be playing for Cowes (Isle of Wight) carnival, on Cowes seafront, on the back of a lorry. First of all they printed the flyers all wrong when they copied the band name off of Dave’s van…..The vinyl B had fallen off so all our pre-publicity had us listed as Loodaxe.

Come the day of the gig it poured with rain and we played nervously eying the rapidly filling canvas awning over our lorry bed. It finally gave way and our generator got swamped killing all the amps!

If I remember rightly I left the band shortly thereafter! Interestingly they soldiered on and under the singer’s influence blended the influences of heavy metal and Chaz and Dave to unbelievable effect…advertising themselves as exponents of rockney music and singing covers of Deep Purple and Sabbath in a gor-blimey accent!

'Ee's a got sum-oke on da waw-ter....aaaaaaand fire inna sky......ah!'

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