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Monday, 16 March 2009

Here’s the next installment of my SG beater project…..in which the destroyed Vintage V6 copy SG gets to live again (cue manic laughter). I took the opportunity of having to strip off the dreadful, thick, sound choking polyester lacquer to do some surgery to the headstock. The Korean makers of Vintage guitars obviously couldn’t bring themselves to use the proper Gibson ‘open book’ headstock shape for fear of being slapped with a lawsuit….I would like,for my own amusement I hasten to add, to make this as close a ringer for an early sixties SG as I can, so the dreadful bumpy original shape must go.

See below.

There was not enough length to the Vintage headstock to convert it to the Gibbo shape by simply cutting…..so I had to graft on a shaped piece of Jarra hardwood.

The finished job will be hidden by the black lacquer on the front of the head, and by the solid metallic 'Pelham blue' finish on the back of the head and indeed the rest of the guitar.

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